1. How do you find a good knife?
I like to match the knife to the amount and size of the job. For cutting small amounts, I would recommend a 7" fluted Santoku with a leather finish. For cutting large amounts, I would use a 10" Chef Knife with a hollow ground edge.

2. How do you keep a knife sharp?
The secret of keeping your edge is simply use it, clean it, and cover it. Abusing an edge is the quickest way to lose it. An edge will be better maintained by gently rocking it opposed to banging or violently chopping it against the cutting board. Examples of abuse are using your knife for cutting non food items such as boxes, bags, straps.

3. What is a rolled edge?
When the knife stops cutting, the edge is no longer aligned. This can be detected by pushing gently from the back of the blade to the edge using your thumb. One side of the knife will be smooth and the other side will feel curled or rough. This rough side is the side that is rolled. To repair this, use a steel on the rough side gently. Once this has been realigned, the edge will be smooth on both sides and ready to cut again.

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