Knife Sharpening At It's BEST!
Our Master Technician, Christopher Capehart, has 30 years of experience
working with knives as a professional Cook and Butcher

Special care is taken with your high-end, premium cutlery including paring knives, steak knives, chef's knives, and almost anything with an edge. Our knife sharpening process that gives your knives a sharp, accurate edge that will exceed the original manufactures specifications.

NOTE: You will receive the address to which to send your knives in the confirmation email
you receive after placing your order.

Knife Sharpening Mail-In Service
Tired of dull knives but don't know who to trust with such a personal item? Knife sharpening is a curiously subtle skill. Trust someone who has been sharpening culinary knives exclusively for over a dozen years specializing in culinary knives, serrated, carving and filet knives for chefs, restaurants and home chefs. Join a community of people who appreciate the craftsmanship that is involved in knife sharpening. Knives get dull. The edge changes and I will return it to your desired edge.

The art and skill of knife sharpening has not yet been captured in any of the pull-through style of sharpening machines you might have or are considering to purchase. You however, have with this purchase the undivided attention of a sharpening craftsman. Most of my customers are regular customers. This means that I am pretty good at what I do but more importantly to you it means that you should purchase this service now and not put it off for another day. The shocking joy of a perfectly sharpened knife is well worth being without your knives for a few days. This is a great service and it's as close as it gets to the ideal of having a knife sharpening professional come to your home.

"After 20 Years, A Residential Edge"
I have worked in the food service industry since 1972. I still sharpen knives for celebrities and large food service corporations. I am confident that I can provide the same quality service to you through this website.

I have been working with two different edges throughout my twenty years of service. I use the Hollow Ground Edge in my commercial food service industry. This edge is thin on the sides of the blade and thicker on the edge itself. This edge allows less friction and pressure for repetitive cuts.

I have received great response from celebrity chefs with my Flat Ground Edge. This edge is equal on both sides and is finished by hand on a leather wheel. My hand honed edge is perfect for all your cutting needs in the kitchen.

I charge $4 each for knives up to 12 inches in length. Utility scissors is $8 each. I charge $4 to regroove bread knives. In southern California, you still have the option to have one of my trucks come to your location for a $250 service call.

I love my knives, so please be careful in shipping your knives to me using a shipping store. If you plan to ship them yourself, please wrap your knives individually with cardboard, cloth or newspapers. Make sure the tip of the knife is especially wrapped securely to avoid breakage. I would suggest obtaining insurance for your knives and make sure the box is sturdy. I will provide the edge of your choice to each knife. I will pay for the return shipping to you. I will insure them with the same value that you have used.

Thank you for your business.

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